Is it me or is Zac Efron not as bad as everyone thinks?


Bare with me on this one…

After watching Bad Neighbors last night, the first things I thought after I watched it were:

1) No way would Rose Byrne be married Seth Rogen

And Secondly,

2) Zac Efron was awesome in that

Seriously, he’s a proper scumbag in the film and can also be quite scary on occasions. It’s a really great performance that could’ve only come from a proper actor.

I understand that most people may think that Zac Efron is just a computer generated species who’s only on this planet for his looks but you only have to look at his filmography to see that that cringey, long-haired muppet from High School Musical has actually carved out a pretty good career for himself.

The first film after HSM he did was Hairspray which maybe to fluffy for some but I think it’s a great example of perfect casting in a film, even Zac Efron, who seems to be parodying himself on occasions.

After the High School Musical series was finished, he starred in 17 Again proving he possessed some comic acting chops in a film that all together wasn’t too bad (far from great but not that bad).

An appearance in Me and Orson Welles gave Efron a chance to work with Richard Linklater, which is no mean feat in my books. And even though I haven’t seen the film personally, I’ve heard he does a pretty good job in it.

But, even I have to admit that a collection of Rom-Coms from 2009-2014, have really dragged his reputation in the acting world and also, in my books. Films like Charlie St. Cloud, New Year’s Eve and The Lucky One made me think, ‘Maybe I got this guy wrong, maybe he really is a one-dimensional facial expression’.

But I believe that Efron’s performance in Bad Neighbors will lead to bigger and better things for the 26-year-old actor who has, admittedly, been around for a while now. Somewhere inside that ‘perfected physique’ is a real actor waiting to come out. But who knows, he could just give us another 5 years of dreary rom-coms?

What do you think? Do you think there is a future for Efron or not?

– Iwan D


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